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 Patricia is a strolling magician
and elite member of The Magic Castle...  
the legendary private club
for magicians in Hollywood

"Magic has been my passion for an exhilarating  15 years!"


Patricia's skill and charm always delights her audiences.
She is known as the French Magician with
a certain ' je ne sais quoi'.


Patricia hosts French TV at the iconic MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood, Calif.


Patricia performing close up at
MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood Calif.


Wallis Annenberg Center of Performing Arts presents a Night of Holiday Magic featuring Magician Patricia Magicia


Add pizzazz to your next fundraiser, children's party, holiday celebration or corporate event.
Dazzle your guests and give them a treat they will never forget.

Patricia Magicia began studying magic at the Magic Castle in  Hollywood where she later became a member. She specializes in children’s magic for French schools in Los Angeles such as the
Lycee Francais, and donates her time to the following:

  • Corazon de Vida, an orphanage in Tijuana on behalf of the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills

  • Weekly magic performances at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills

  • Monthly magic performances at the VA Hospital

  • Yearly magic performances at the Foundation

Cedars-Sinai Volunteer, Patricia Magicia, 
Uses Magic to Dazzle, Delight and Bring Joy

Trained at the Magic Castle, Patricia Marquis is One of Thousands of Cedars-Sinai Volunteers Helping Patients

“I bring sunshine to people who may not have visitors or who may be dealing with pain,” said Patricia Marquis,

a French native and member of the famous Magic Castle, who has been serving as a Cedars-Sinai volunteer

for more than two years. “I try to make each patient feel like they are the only person I came to perform for,

that I happened to magically appear just for them.”

80th Anniversary Issue
featuring Bebel, Master Magician
How I met Bebel
and became his Manager
Special Performances at the Magic Castle
  Patricia helps schedule world renowned magicians from France to perform at the Magic Castle such as: 
If you are interested in booking Patricia at:
"I highly recommend Patricia Magicia. She performed twice for my guests and we were thrilled and awestruck. Her beauty, appearance, wit and charming personality contribute greatly to the success of my party. Actually, she makes the party!"
Pat Barkley, Founder
  We enjoyed  your enchanting personality. "Ladies of Magic"  was a great success and tickets sold out fast!     Gay Pamish, Friends of Greystone Estate
"In addition to entertaining our members at the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, Patricia joined us on our trip to an orphanage in Mexico. The orphans were mesmerized by her magic and their smiles were priceless. I highly recommend her."
Adam Heller, President
"You are  smooth, charming, graceful and beautiful in your presentations and I love your rope routine!"       Miguel Rangel, Fellow Magician 
Patricia Magicia performed at The Gabriella Foundation's 17th Annual Gabri Awards Gala in June 2017 and we couldn't be happier with her performance. We were  delighted with Patricia's ability to engage both the children and their parents with her presence and riveting magic. We will invite Patricia back again to entertain!
JULIA MIELE,   Executive Director,The Gabriella Foundation

Patricia Magicia has a heart of gold. Check out this article about her volunteer work for Cedars-Sinai. Her service to the community is heartwarming and invaluable. 
Thank you Patricia!
Erika Larsen, owner and President of Magic castle

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